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Call to Bar 1999


Community Presentations , Child Protection/Family Law Conferences, Guest lecturer Carleton University Child Protection Course, University of Ottawa Mediation Coach

Deborah was called to the bar in 1999.  In the first stage of her legal career, she worked for child protection agencies in Toronto and Ottawa, where she developed significant litigation skills.  In addition, Deborah has years of experience identifying and addressing complex family issues including: power imbalances and family violence; adult’s and children’s mental health; children’s learning disabilities; parental alienation; realistic estrangements; and all forms of high conflict family dynamics.  Deborah is also a panel member of the Office of the Children’s Lawyer and provides direct legal representation to children before the Courts.

With this background, Deborah provides legal representation in all family law matters, including high conflict parenting disputes and complex property issues.  Before the Court, she is a seasoned advocate.   Whether you are a spouse, a common law partner, a parent, a grandparent, a support payor, a support recipient, or another interested party, your interests will be skillfully presented.  When children are involved, their needs will be kept front and centre.

Over the years, Deborah has developed an understanding that families genuinely struggle through the changes which arise from separations and divorces.  She is also available to offer alternate services to manage your potentially high conflict situations.  She is trained by the High Conflict Institute (San Diego, California) and is available to provide New Ways ™ coaching and/or mediation services.  She will also ensure referrals to appropriate community service providers as required.

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