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Buying or selling your home may be the most significant financial transaction you ever undertake. Our job is to minimize the stress associated with the legal process and make sure your deal closes on time. We see to it that you receive good title when buying a home so you can enjoy it worry-free and sell it without issues down the road. We explain the rights, liabilities, or limitations that come with the title to your home. And we take a proactive approach to detect and solve problems early on if you’re selling — so you receive all funds due on closing.

How We Do It

As a Team

Not only within our own office but also by working closely with the other professionals serving you: be it your real estate agent, house inspector, mortgage broker and/or lender, and insurance agent. Our four lawyers have more than 60 years of combined real estate experience — supported by a team of law clerks and, in the busy summer months, an expanded roster of assistants. Your file is assigned to a specific lawyer and law clerk, but when providing you with top-of-the-line service means involving someone else in your file, we do so.

Lawyers Do the Lawyer Work

At our firm, it’s your lawyer — not a clerk — who reviews your Agreement of Purchase and Sale and related documents, examines your search of title, and signs off on the Letter of Requisition on your purchase. We meet with you to review all financial information and sign all documentation, and review and sign a report to be provided on closing.

Fees Clarified Up-Front

We take the time to get to know you, your needs, and your deal to provide a knowledgeable estimate of fees and disbursements specific to your transaction.

We’re Systematic

Over the years, we’ve developed systems, checklists, and other processes that ensure efficient, attentive client service while minimizing the possibility of error. Because of our standardized approach, any member of our team can pick up your file and know immediately the progress of your transaction — meaning you’re never without knowledgeable help, even if the lawyer and law clerk assigned to your file are unavailable.

We’re Accessible

Our full-time receptionist directs your calls to the person you need whenever you contact us — and makes sure your lawyer or law clerk gets your message in urgent or time-sensitive situations.

We’re Informative

We provide an extensive collection of articles on real estate to help you fully understand the steps involved in your transaction and are readily available to answer your questions. And we keep our knowledge up to date by continually taking legal education courses offered by organizations such as the Law Society of Upper Canada.

We Perform Full Searches of Title

Our title searches for buyers meet the professional requirements laid down by the Law Society of Upper Canada. For sellers, as soon as we open a file, we perform a mini title search to ensure no unresolved issues might hinder the sale: early detection means early and stress-free resolution.

We’re Prompt

We provide all the documents you need on the day of closing — not weeks later.

This article is provided for information purposes only. It is not intended as, nor should it be taken as, legal advice. Contact us if you require legal advice on this or any other topic.
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